The first camera I received was from Santa, a Boot’s disc camera. I was 7 and I don’t remember it. I do remember the first black n white photograph I developed though, and from then on I knew photography was to be a lifelong pursuit.

On a shoot I like to provide an easy going , light hearted environment. My upbeat, candid approach to my work allows people to be at ease for the camera, to create a moment, a connection , a meaning.

I’m proud to have experienced shooting in many areas of photography over the years , portraiture, fashion, lifestyle, industrial...the list goes on. 

Currently I’m London based but photography has taken me all over the globe, shooting in China, UAE, Egypt, Kazahkstan, SA in recent years. 

When not shooting you`ll most likely find me with my head in the computer retouching or editing . If not there I`ll be on the golf course shooting balls, on my roadbike or more recently trying an impossible yoga move.

If you’d like to know more about my work feel free to drop me a line, always happy to have a photography chat..

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